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It will be a self-made keyboard kit owl8.

* This product is an assembly-type kit that requires soldering.
Build guidePlease read carefully and understand the necessary tools and processes before purchasing.

If you are worried about soldering"Assembly service"Please consider using. (Details below)

What I wanted to achieve with owl8

I have made 40% keyboards with Claw44, bat43, wings42, but since the number of keys is the minimum, I narrowed down the keymap to what is necessary for full-scale keystroke work (programming in the case of the author). I am.

I use it only occasionally, but there are times when I want to do work with just one keystroke without using layers, but it is convenient to have one macro pad for that purpose.

I don't want it to take up too much space on the desk, so I chose a narrow pitch design for bat43 and wings42.

You can also connect wirelessly by using BMP, so you can easily move to any place you like without worrying about cable routing.

As with wings42, you can use plates for key switch expansion and rotary encoders.

I use a rotary encoder to adjust the volume and brightness of the display, and assign arrow keys, Enter, Space, BS, ESC, etc. to the key switches.


・ It is an 8-key macro pad.
・ Normally 8 keys, but 4 keys or 2 rotary encoders can be added by the expansion plate.
-Dedicated to Kailh low profile switch (Choc).
-It has a narrow pitch (17x18mm) and is narrower than the general key switch spacing of 19x19mm, making it a compact size.
-Since there is a battery space for BMP, wireless communication can be realized by preparing a BMP and BMP battery set.

How to assemble

-Since no diode is used, soldering is relatively easy.
-Key switch socket is not supported (solder directly to the key switch)

For more informationBuild guidePlease confirm.


・ Compatible with QMK, Remap, VIA

set content

・ Pro Micro: 1 (Farm written)
・ Conthru: 2
・ Screw (7mm): 10 pieces
・ Screw (4mm): 12 pieces
・ Tact switch: 1
・ Spacer (6mm): 12 pieces
・ Through hole taps: 4
・ Cushion rubber: 4 pieces
・ ProMicro protective plate: 1 sheet
・ Top plate: 1 sheet
・ Board: 1 sheet
・ Middle plate: 1 sheet
・ Bottom plate: 1 sheet
・ Key switch expansion plate: 1 sheet
・ Rotary encoder expansion plate: 1 sheet

Other things you need

・ Micro USB cable: 1
・ Kailh low profile switch: 8 (+4 for key expansion)
・ Kailh low profile keycap 1U: 8 (+4 for key expansion)

Rotary encoder (Lowepro)
 (Others can be used as long as they are compatible with Alps EC11 and EC12. Push switches are not supported.)
Knob for rotary encoder
BMP battery set

Assembly service

It is an assembly service for those who are worried about soldering.

owl8 kit bodyKey switch (8 or more), Please purchase the assembly service at the same time.
 (If you specify the assembly option with owl8, this item will be added to the cart)
-Because the key switch needs to be soldered, be sure to purchase the key switch at the same time.
・ If you purchase a BMP battery set at the same time, assemble the battery set as well.
・ If you purchase a rotary encoder at the same time, assemble the rotary encoder expansion plate.
・ If you purchase 12 or more key switches (including 8 main units) at the same time, you can also assemble the key switch expansion plate.
・ The warranty is limited to initial defects (2 weeks after the product arrives).
-Use leaded solder.
-Key switches, keycaps, and cables are not included. 


The photo is a sample created and is not the same as the product content.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

If you have any questions about defective parts, missing parts, etc.Inquiry formPlease contact us from.