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Claw44 assembly service

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Assembly service for those who are uneasy about soldering.
It may take up to 5 business days until shipment.

・Please purchase the Claw44 kit and assembly service at the same time.
・Warranty covers only initial defects (within 2 weeks of product arrival).
・Lead solder is used.
・Solder Pro Micro and con through. (Can also be specified without soldering)
・Diodes use SMD type.
・If you purchase the key switch at the same time, we will also assemble the key switch. (Can also be specified without key switch assembly)
- Even if keycaps are purchased at the same time, we will not install them. Please install it yourself.
・Key switches, keycaps, and cables are not included.
 Please check the claw44 kit page for "Other required items."