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3D Models
AR-enabled smartphones can display AR. Please try it on your own desk!

It will be a self-made keyboard kit Claw44 v3.

* This product is an assembly-type kit that requires soldering.
Build guidePlease read carefully and understand the necessary tools and processes before purchasing. 

If you are worried about soldering"Assembly service"Please consider using. (Details below)

What I wanted to achieve with Claw44

・ Settle in a natural state when you put your hands on it
 → By splitting left and right, you can type with your shoulders open.
 → By arranging the keys of the thumb, index finger, and little finger from the front, you can make a circle and place your hand naturally.

・ Smooth finger movement
 → By aligning the keys vertically, you can move up and down obediently.
 → By tilting the key slightly inward, your hands and arms will be in a natural posture.
 → Number of keys that minimizes movement from the home position

・ Be gentle on the little finger and use your thumb more
 → By arranging 4 keys on the thumb, the role of the thumb is increased and the little finger is not overwhelmed.

For a more detailed explanation,"What is claw44?"Please look.

Changes in v3

・ Expansion plates can now be used in the same way as wings42.
・ Pro Micro Type-C can be used with a 2.5 mm high conthrough.
-In addition, the included Pro Micro is now Type-C Blue.

Expansion plate

HerePlease check the plates that can be used for


・Left and right split type
・ For MX compatible key switch only
・ Pro Micro is compatible with con-through and can be removed.
・ The key switch is compatible with the socket and can be removed.
・ Diodes for through holes are included, but surface mount type can also be used.
 (The included items can be changed)

How to assemble

-Since the left and right independent boards are used, mistakes such as attaching parts in reverse are unlikely to occur.
-It has a simple structure where parts do not overlap with each other.

For more information"Build Guide"Please confirm


Supports Remap
VIA and QMK are in preparation

set content

-Pro Micro Type-C Blue: 2 (firmware written)
・ Conthru: 4
・ 44 PCB sockets for MX compatible switches + spare
・ Pro Micro protective plate: 2 sheets
・ TRRS jack: 2 pieces
・ Tact switch: 2
・ Spacer (6mm): 8 pieces
・ Spacer (5.5mm): 16 pieces
・ Fall prevention ring: 16 + spare
・ Screws: 40
・ Washers: 8 pieces
・ Cushion rubber: 12 pieces
・ Diode: 48 + spare
・ Diode bender (for 10): 1
・ Board: 2 sheets
・ Top plate: 2 sheets
・ Bottom plate: 2 sheets

Other things you need

TRS or TRRS cable:One
USB cable:One
MX key compatible switch: 44
・ Keycap
 ・ 1U keycap: 42 pieces
 ・ 1.25U keycap: 2 pieces (1U can be used as a substitute)

* For purchase destinationsBuild guide It is described in.

Assembly service

It is an assembly service for those who are worried about soldering.
It may take up to 5 business days to ship.
At the same time as this productClaw44 assembly servicePlease purchase.

・ If you want to assemble a BMP battery plate
 BMP battery plate assembly servicePlease refer to.

• Other plate assembly is included within the Claw44 assembly service.


The photo is a sample created and is not the same as the product content.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

If you have any questions about defective parts, missing parts, etc.Inquiry formPlease contact us from.


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