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Gravity Keycaps progress report

Gravity Keycaps We are improving for the resumption of sales! It's already been over a month since I wrote this. Sorry for being late.

In conclusion, I think that the polishing process at the current manufacturer should be suspended for the time being.
I devised the design and made several prototypes, but my heart broke before barrel polishing. Rather, I am grateful for manufacturing with an unreasonable design until now.
(I want to challenge again when I feel better)

As a next plan, we plan to change the manufacturing destination and provide it without polishing. It's not as good as polishing, but it's post-processed so that there's no particular problem. For those who pursue smoothness, I would ask for sanding. We are currently testing with new manufacturers and improving the shape of the foot. I'm sorry, but it seems that sales will not be in time for this year. Stay tuned for the new year!

What do you mean instead,Gravity Keycaps MXto start selling.
The feet are durable, so it will be provided with the same polishing process as before. I think the first sale will arrive soon, so please wait.

I'm also interested in a manual injection molding machine, although I don't know if I'll do it. Previously, I stopped at the stage of a little investigation,INARI or TAIYAKI sounds interesting. If I can use stereolithography 3DP or CNC, I can do trial and error by myself. I want a workshop.


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