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Gravity Keycaps We are improving for the resumption of sales!

We develop and sellGravity KeycapsHowever, due to the manufacturer's price hike and poor yield, we ran out of stock while we were thinking about how to continue sales.

reference:GravityKeycaps Manufacturing Quality and Request

If we were to continue in this state, we would have to raise the price even further, and I was worried that people wouldn't buy it at that price, and even if they did, they wouldn't be satisfied with the price.

Until now, the manufacturer had raised the price several times, but since the past data was not covered, we continued manufacturing without changing the design data, although the yield was poor. However, with the most recent price hike, price increases were also taken against historical data. Since the price increases in the past were reflected at once, the manufacturing cost increased considerably, and we had no choice but to raise the price. (Obviously I should have considered that.)

However, on the contrary, it was an opportunity to rework the design data.
Poor yield is caused by the slender legs of Choc breaking or becoming too thin due to the "polishing" process. For a long time, I thought that the yield would be improved if I could protect the legs well, so I tried to implement this measure.

If the legs are completely covered, the powder of MJF will not be removed and the production will be NG, so I tried covering the side part mainly. I was a little worried, but even with this guard, it worked well and there were 0 defects!

This time, I made the keycap with almost no rim so that the protective part can be easily removed, but I would like to keep it because it would be cooler if it had a rim. The next challenge is to find a design and cutting method that allows the protective part to function properly, is easy to cut, does not affect keystrokes, and makes cut marks less noticeable.

Anyway, it looks like it's going to be a good direction, so if you boil it down a little more, I think you'll be able to resume sales.

I think that the cutting of injection molded parts such as plastic models will probably be helpful, so I will continue to study.

while I was at homeEngineer Micro Nipper ESD NS-04was good, so I cut it using this.


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  • I tried out the wing42 with gravity keycaps in Yushskobo. I’m really looking forward to these being back in stock.

    Kevin on

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