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X Switch tactile with keycap (5 pieces)

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Kailh's X Switch Brown Tactile.
It will be a set with a key switch and a genuine key cap attached.

Above all, it is characterized by its height of 6.5 mm, which is thinner than the Choc switch.

There aren't many examples of its use in home-made keyboards, but I thought that if there was no domestic supply, no one would make it, so I bought it. Please try designing a keyboard using X Switch!

The footprint is shikamiya'skicad-footprint-kailh-pg1425-x-switchis helpful.

Profile Dimensions:14.8mm X14.00mm X 2mm
Operation Force:50±10gf
Tactile Force:60±10gf
Pretravel: 1.2mm±0.3mm
Total Travel:2.0mm±0.3mm
Operating Life:20,000,000 Cycles