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X Switch tactile with keycap (5 pieces)

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It becomes Kailh's X Switch brown tactile.
It is a set with a key switch and a genuine keycap attached.

The feature is that the height is 6.5mm, which is thinner than the Choc switch.

There aren't many examples of using self-made keyboards, but I thought that some people wouldn't make them without domestic supply, so I bought them. Please try to design a keyboard using X Switch!

The footprint is shikamiya'skicad-footprint-kailh-pg1425-x-switchWill be helpful.

Profile Dimensions:14.8mm X14.00mm X 2mm
Operation Force:50±10gf
Tactile Force:60±10gf
Total Travel:2.0mm±0.3mm
Operating Life:20,000,000 Cycles