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This is a self-made keyboard kit, wings42x.

This is an experimental keyboard based on wings42 v2 that allows you to use X Switch.
Since it's a very thin switch, the height up to the keycap is 9.9mm!

Expansion plates can be used with wings42 v2 in the same way.

The build guide will basically be created by replacing the one for wings42 v2.
It might be a little tough if you have no experience making your own keyboard.
Please read the build guide and determine if you can assemble it.
Of course, necessary support will be provided!

※This product is an assembly kit that requires soldering.
Please read the build guide carefully and understand the necessary tools and processes before purchasing.

If you are concerned about soldering, please consider using "Assembly Service". (Details below)

How to assemble

Basically, please check the "Build Guide" for wings42 v2.
I will put the difference at the bottom of this page.


It will be common with wings42 v2

set content

・Substrate: 2 pieces
・Top plate: 2 sheets
・Middle plate: 2 pieces
・Bottom plate: 2 sheets
・Pro Micro Type-C Blue: 2 pieces
・SMD diodes: 46 pieces + spares
・ProMicro protection plate: 2 pieces
・Console: 4
・Screw (7mm): 22 pieces
・Low head screw (5mm): 8 pieces
・TRRS jack: 2 pieces
・Tactile switch: 2 pieces
・Spacer (6mm): 8 pieces
・Through-hole tap: 14 pieces
・Cushion rubber: 12 pieces

・With X Switch keycaps: 42 pieces + 3 spare pieces

If 'key switch, no key cap' is selected, please prepare the following items yourself

・X Switch: 42 pieces
Keycaps for Nintendo Switch: 42 pieces

Other things you need

TRS or TRRS cable : 1 piece
USB cable : 1 piece

 assembly service

Add assembly service for wings42 v2 to your cart.

Assembly service for those who are uneasy about soldering.
It may take up to 5 business days for shipping.

The extension plate that was purchased at the same time can also be assembled.
・Warranty covers only initial defects (within 2 weeks of product arrival).
・Lead solder is used.
・Key switches, keycaps, and cables are not included.


For the X Switch footprint, I used shikamiya's " kicad-footprint-kailh-pg1425-x-switch ". thank you.


If you spray alcohol on acrylic plates, chemical cracks will occur and they will break easily. Please be careful when using alcohol.

The photo is a sample image and may not represent the actual product.
Specifications may be changed without prior notice.

If you have any questions, such as missing or missing parts, please contact us using the inquiry form .


Supplement on how to assemble

The diode is placed differently from v2, but please install it like this.

Install the key switch in the following orientation from the top plate downwards

Soldering the key switch

Attach the keycap
・There is a trick to attaching the keycap.Insert the hooked part on the right side first, and then push it downwards to attach it. It's difficult if you're not used to it, so I think you'll have to break a few pieces.

Insert it first on the right side of this diagram (where the spring is visible)
Once inserted, push down and insert the other side as well