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Spacer counter set of 5

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It is a tool to count the round spacer of M2 which is often used in homemade keyboards. (The hexagon has a large outer diameter, so I'm not addicted to it. It will be designed separately.)

It is more efficient to have about 5 pieces, so we have set 5 pieces. (Although there are circumstances on the sales side ...)

Please specify the height and number.

I'm actually using it up to about 6mm, so I don't think it's a problem. If it is more than that, please contact us.

The number will also lead to manufacturing costs, so please limit it to about 20 for the time being. If it is more than that, please contact us in advance.

For fine adjustment etc.Inquiry formmosquitotwitterPlease contact us.

-Since it is a modeled object by a 3D printer, fine modeling disorder may occur. Please refrain from purchasing if you are interested.