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SMD diode cut stand

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It is a tool for cutting out 50 pieces at a time from the reel of SMD diodes that are often used in homebrew keyboards.

・ If you want something other than 50, you can adjust it.Inquiry formPlease contact us from.
(Because it is limited by the size of the 3D printer, it is not good if it is too long)
・ This time, due to the function of the 3D printer, it is a little muffled, but it works without problems (it is a little cheaper).

The size has been adjusted to fit the products below.
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High-speed switching diode 1N4148W (3000 pieces)
* Currently out of stock

Please refer to the image for how to use it.

-Since it is a modeled object by a 3D printer, fine modeling disorder may occur. Please refrain from purchasing if you are interested.
-Since the cut part is thin due to the structure, handle it without applying excessive force.
・ Be careful when handling the blade.
・ If you have any questionsInquiry formPlease contact us from.