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sandbox keyboard v2

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This is a practice soldering board!

First self-made keyboard
Soldering so long ago that I can't remember when it was done
Aren't you afraid to suddenly solder onto the keyboard you're aiming for?

In such cases, let's use this circuit board as a practice platform and tackle it after getting used to soldering.

Half of this board doesn't have any wires connected to it, it's just for soldering practice. However, the footprint (pattern on the board) used is the same as that actually used in Claw44, wings42, etc., so you can experience soldering just like the real thing.

Once you assemble the remaining half properly, it will become the part recognized as a keyboard.
If you assemble the parts according to the manual, you can operate it as a keyboard.

We have carefully created a manual for beginners, so please take a look at the "Sandbox Keyboard v2 Build Guide"

Changes in v2

- The board types have been divided into two types: "for MX compatible switches" and "for Choc v1".
Supports both 'direct attachment of key switches' and 'use of sockets'.
・Compatible with Pro Micro Type-C. Can be used with 2.5mm con-through.
By preparing two units, it is now possible to use it as a split keyboard.

Substrate Type

There are two types of sandbox keyboard v2 depending on the type of keyswitch used.
"For MX compatible switches" and "For Choc v1". Please check which type of keyboard you are looking for before purchasing. In addition, they are compatible with both ``key switch direct attachment'' and ``socket usage.''

set content

・Substrate: 1 piece
・Tactile switch: 1 piece
・TRRS jack: 1 piece

List of available parts

Depending on what you want to practice, try various soldering combinations with the parts below.

Diode through-hole type 50 pieces
50 SMD type diodes
10 PCB sockets for key switches
Pro Micro with con-through
Pro Micro Type-C (single)
Console 12-pin 2.5mm (for Pro Micro)
OLED module
TRRS cable
Diode vendor


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Specifications may be changed without prior notice.

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