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Pro Micro Type-C (single)

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It is a Type-C version of a Pro Micro compatible machine.

Since it is different from the normal Pro Micro, please understand the following precautions before purchasing.

There is a difference between Blue and Purple, Blue can use conthrough, but Purple requires soldering. Purple is about 1.2mm longer than Blue.

* Wings42 cannot be used because it interferes with the Pro Micro plate.
* Cannot be used with owl8 and stickey4 because they interfere with the spacer.

※Note 1
It is about 1mm taller than a regular Pro Micro.

Therefore, if there is no support on the board side, the conthrough must be 3.5 mm high. Because our store is out of stockSwitch SciencePlease purchase at.

Our OLEDs come with 1.5mm and 2.5mm pin headers, but if you want to use this product, please use the 2.5mm pin headers. If it is 1.5 mm, the height will be insufficient and it will interfere. I think it's okay to cut the pin header that comes with ProMicro and use it.

Also, some keyboards may interfere with the ProMicro protective plate.
In that case, please adjust using a long spacer.

※Note 2
It has a longer depth than a normal Pro Micro.
Please note that some keyboards may interfere.

※Note 3
We have confirmed that the keyboard of our shop can be connected left and right without specifying SPLIT_USB_DETECT.
Since it has not been verified with other keyboards, there may be a problem with the operation of the firmware.

※Note 4
Prices may fluctuate depending on purchasing and sales conditions.