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Pro Micro Type-C

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This is the Type-C version of the Pro Micro compatible device.

・USB Type-C connector
・Comes with 2 pin headers

There are differences from Micro USB's Pro Micro , so please understand the following precautions before purchasing.

・Compatibility of our keyboard
Type-C compatibility has been completed in all keyboard kits.
The Pro Micro included in the kit comes standard with a Type-C connector.

※Note 1
The height is about 1mm higher than that of the Pro Micro with a Micro USB.

Therefore, if there is no support on the board side, a con-through with a height of 3.5 mm will be required.

Our OLEDs come with 1.5mm and 2.5mm pin headers, but if you use this product, please use the 2.5mm pin header. If it is 1.5mm, it will not be high enough and will interfere. I think it's okay to cut and use the pin header that comes with ProMicro.

Also, some keyboards may interfere with the ProMicro protection plate.
In that case, please adjust using a long spacer.

※Note 2
The depth is longer than that of the Pro Micro with a Micro USB.
Please be aware that there may be interference depending on the keyboard.

※Note 3
Please confirm with each keyboard author about compatibility with the firmware.