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Screw counter (customized)

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Normal "Screw counter"or"Screw counter with funnel"" Is for M2 screws of 5 mm or less.

This product is for developing from scratch when you want to measure other screws with a thickness of 6 mm or more or M2 or more.

You can either send us the screws you want to actually use, or purchase them on your behalf and make a counter with the actual ones.

Depending on the shape, it may not be possible with my technical capabilities, so if development is not completed, you will only be charged for the screws.

Since it is an experimental attempt, for details, see "Inquiry formPlease contact us from.

The price is a guide, so please consult with us depending on the specifications and quantity.



It may take some time to develop, manufacture and verify, so please let us know the time required.


Cool gray


Since it is a modeled object by a 3D printer, there are small irregularities and slight warpage.
Please refrain from purchasing if you are interested.

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