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Screw counter

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Are you tired of counting the number of screws?
Weighing on a digital scale can be tiring, such as adjusting the number of lines and worrying about errors.

This screw counter
・ Insert the screws roughly
・ Flirt
You can take out the specified number of screws with this simple task.

I hope that it will be useful for individual kit creators who say that even automatic measuring instruments are ...


It may take up to 5 business days to ship as it may take some time to manufacture.


Please enter the desired number in "Specify number".


Cool gray

action environment

・ Size: m2
・ Length: 3, 4, 5 mm
・ Shape: Pan, plate, truss, bind, low head

* It is difficult to enter 6 mm or more.


Since it is a modeled object by a 3D printer, there are small irregularities and slight warpage.
Please refrain from purchasing if you are interested.

Demonstration video