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Choc v1 switch Tactile (5 pieces)

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Contains 5 tactile types of Kailh low profile switches.

Tactile is a switch with a pile of loads during the stroke.
When you push it down, the load increases, and after a certain point, the load is released, so you can feel the tactile sensation.

A popular switch has solid feedback.

(Example: Brown's force curve)

The stroke distance to bottoming out is 3 mm, which is common.

Brown's operating pressure of 60g is the standard weight. If you want more weight than Brown, try Burnt Orange.

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Brown 55 yen / piece

A standard weight tactile switch.
If you are worried, you should try using this first.

Operating pressure: 60g 

Burnt Orange 110 yen / piece

It is a heavy tactile switch.
Operating pressure: 70g