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Choc v1 switch Tactile (5 pieces)

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Includes 5 tactile types of Kailh low profile switches.

A tactile is a switch that has a load peak during its stroke.
When you press down, the load increases, and when you pass a certain point, the load is released, so you can feel the tactile sensation of "clicking".

It's a popular switch that has solid feedback.

(Example: Brown's force curve)

The stroke distance to the bottom is 3mm in common.

Brown will be the standard weight. If you want more weight than Brown, try Burnt Orange.

The Sunset Tactile will be a switch designed by LowproKB and manufactured by Kailh. It is recommended because it has a clearer tactile feel than Brown.
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 colour force in tactile price/piece stabi housing
Sunset Tactile 50g 150 yen none

Amber (Translucent) / Black

Brown 60g 66 yen Have

transparent / black

Burnt Orange 70g 100 yen Have transparent / black


* Stabilizer