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Choc v1 switch linear (5 pieces)

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This is a set of 5 Kailh low-profile linear switches.

Linear actuators have the characteristic of smoothly increasing the load as they are pushed down.
It is a straightforward switch with no hitches along the way.

Choc Red
(e.g. Red Force Curve)

The stroke distance up to the bottoming out is common at 3mm.

Red's operating pressure of 50g is the standard weight, so I think it's a good idea to use Red as a standard and make it lighter or heavier to find a switch that suits you.

 color operating pressure price/pcs Stabilizer housing
Pink 20g 100 yen none transparent / gray
Blue 20g 100 yen none transparent / blue
Purpz 25g 100 yen none smoky gray
Red Pro 35g 80 yen none Transparent/ Red
Crystal Red  35g 100 yen none Transparent, this is just 3 pins
Crystal Silver 40g 100 yen none transparent
Red 50g 80 yen have transparent / black
Black 60g 100 yen have transparent / black
Dark Yellow 70g 100 yen have transparent / black