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Choc v1 switch Linear (5 pieces)

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Contains 5 linear types of Kailh low profile switches.

The linear has the characteristic that the load increases smoothly as it is pushed down.
It is a straightforward switch that does not get caught in the middle.

Choc Red
(Example: Red force curve)

The stroke distance to bottoming out is 3 mm, which is common.

Red's operating pressure of 50g is the standard weight, so I think it's a good idea to find a switch that suits you by making it lighter or heavier based on Red.

 colour Operating pressure Price / piece Stabi Housing color
Pink 20g 80 yen without Transparent / gray
Blue 25g 90 yen without transparent / blue
Purpz 25g 120 yen without Smoky gray
Red Pro 35g 60 yen without transparent / red
Crystal Red  35g 90 yen without Transparent
Crystal Silver 40g 140→ 90 yen without Transparent
Red 50g 60 yen have Transparent / black
Black 60g 110→ 90 yen have Transparent / black
Dark Yellow 70g 110→ 90 yen have Transparent / black