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EverGlide Aqua King Switches V3(5個)

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MX compatible switch, EverGlide Aqua King Switches V3.
It is a linear type and has a very smooth keystroke feeling.
There are three types of working points: 55, 62, 67gf.

Switch housing material: Polycarbonate
Stem material: Polycarbonate
Searching: 2.0 (± 0.6 mm)
Total travel: 4 mm (± 0.3 mm)
Actuation force: 55 gf, 62 gf, or 67 gf (± 10 gf)
Operating force: 15 gf
Bounce time: < 5 ms (during actuation with 0.4 m/s)
Spring: Stainless steel (with a gold-plate)
Contacts: Gold alloy