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kagura42 beta

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This is a beta version of the self-made keyboard kit kagura42.

Changes from the alpha version

・ Abolition of the plate due to the sale of the trackball module
-Added so that a coin battery for BMP can be installed on the keyboard body

Beta version notes

・ Because it is a beta version, there may be unexpected troubles.
・ It is recommended to purchase those who are accustomed to making their own keyboard to some extent.
-The build guide is an annotation of alpha. Please read the image as appropriate.

* This product is an assembly-type kit that requires soldering.
Build guidePlease read carefully and understand the necessary tools and processes before purchasing. 

If you are worried about soldering"Assembly service"Please consider using. (Details below)


・ For Choc v1 switch only (narrow pitch 17x18mm)
・ Pro Micro is compatible with con-through and can be removed.
・ Pro Micro includes Type-C version as standard
-The key switch is directly attached (not compatible with sockets)
・ Diode uses surface mount type
・ Rotary encoder and key switch expansion is possible by using the expansion plate in the middle.

How to assemble

Build guidePlease refer to.


Remap registered
VIA and QMK are in preparation 

set content

・ Pro Micro Type-C Blue: 1 (Farm written)
・ SMD diode: 45 + spare
・ ProMicro protective plate: 1 sheet
・ Conthru: 2
・ Tact switch: 1
・ Screw (7mm): 18 pieces
・ Low head screw (5 mm): 6
・ Spacer (6mm): 6 pieces
・ Through hole tap: 12 pieces
・ Cushion rubber: 12 pieces
・ Board: 1 sheet
・ Top plate: 2 sheets
・ Middle plate: 1 sheet
・ Bottom plate: 1 sheet

・ What is included in the beta version
 Key switch x3 plate: 1 sheet
 Rotary encoder x2 plate: 1 sheet
 Rotary encoder x3 plate: 1 sheet
 6-pin control: 1 piece
 2-pin control: 1 piece

Other things you need

USB cable: 1 copy
Key switch for Choc v1: 42
Keycap for Choc v1:42個 or Gravity Keycaps

Wireless support

kagura42 Beta BMP Battery SetPlease confirm.

Assembly service

It is an assembly service for those who are worried about soldering.
It may take up to 5 business days to ship.

・ The warranty is limited to initial defects (2 weeks after the product arrives).
-Use leaded solder.
-Because the key switch needs to be soldered, be sure to purchase the key switch at the same time.
-Key switches, keycaps, and cables are not included.


The photo is a sample created and is not the same as the product content.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

If you have any questions about defective parts, missing parts, etc.Inquiry formPlease contact us from.