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Gravity Keycaps Choc - Vertical Key 2-piece Set

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A special version of Gravity Keycaps . It will be 2 keys.
Recommended for keyboards like Corne and 3w6, where the 1.5U keys are rotated 90 degrees and used vertically. Please check the orientation of the stem in the photo.
This is a keycap for Choc.

The size will be 25.5mm on the long side and 18mm on the short side.
Please confirm if there is space on the keyboard side before making a purchase.


*Manufactured using a 3D printer and mechanically polished. There is some variation in the shape of the main body and the thickness of the stem, so please purchase only if you are aware of this.
*Although we have confirmed that it fits into the key switch, there are some that are a little tight. If it bothers you, please sand it very lightly.