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Gravity Keycaps MX - BOX key (1 piece)

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Contains 1 Gravity Keycaps MX BOX key.
This is a keycap exclusively for MX switches.

Height 5.5mm


It is manufactured using a 3D printer and mechanically polished. There may be variations in the shape of the main body or the thickness of the stem.

Regarding the color, the gray material is dyed black. Therefore, there may be uneven dyeing.

The legs of the keycap can break easily, so when removing the keycap, use a keycap puller to pull it out as vertically as possible.

Please purchase only if you agree to the above points.

If it does not fit into the key switch or is too loose to secure, please contact us using the inquiry form so we can replace it. (If out of stock, you may have to wait about 2 weeks)