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Gravity Keycaps MX

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This is the MX version of Gravity Keycaps .

Narrow pitch, MX-compatible dedicated keycaps.

Keycap Features

- Designed assuming a pitch of 17mm x 18mm. (Of course, it can also be used with a pitch of 19 mm vertically and horizontally)
- In addition to the narrow pitch, the keycap itself is shaped like a mortar to further shorten the fingering distance.
・In order to keep the top surface wide despite the narrow pitch, the top and bottom of the center key are hollowed out so that you can press the keys smoothly without hitting them with your fingernails.
・For the story of the production of the Choc version, please see "The story of making Gravity Keycaps."
・We assume a keyboard with 6 columns and 3 rows on one side, like the Claw44, with a thumb cluster of about 4 keys.

Keycap Type

・Set of keys with 6 columns and 3 rows on one side x 2
・Homing Key x 2
・1.25U key for thumb x 2
・6 x 1U keys for the thumb
・Thumb-sized 1U key x 2
・BOX key (LOW) x 2

How to arrange keycaps

Gravity Keycaps MX v2 Build Guide


You can protect your keycaps with beeswax wax.
Please refer to "Protect MJF keycaps with beeswax" .


*Manufactured using a 3D printer and mechanically polished. There is some variation in the shape of the main body and the thickness of the stem, so please purchase only if you are aware of this.
There are some specimens with tight stems. Please lightly sand the inside of the stem.
*There is an individual with a looser stem. Try sandwiching a piece of plastic wrap or applying a very thin layer of glue to the inside of the stem and let it dry thoroughly before trying it on.
*We will replace items that are not practical to fit, so please contact us using the inquiry form .