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Gravity Keycaps

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It is a keycap for narrow pitch and Choc.
It can be fitted to the self-made keyboard kits bat43 and wings42.
(If the pitch and number of keys match, it can be attached to other keyboards.)

"Manufacturing quality and request of Gravity Keycaps"Please confirm.

* High type and Low type include a thumb set.  

Keycap features

-Designed assuming a pitch of 17 mm in length x 18 mm in width.
-In addition to the narrow pitch, the keycap itself is made like a mortar to further shorten the fingering distance.
-In order to keep the top surface wide even with a narrow pitch, the top and bottom of the central key are hollowed out so that you can hit the keys smoothly without hitting your nails.
・ For more details on the production"The story of making Gravity Keycaps"please look at.

High type (including thumb set)

The fingering distance is short, and it is suitable for stroking gently like ours.
Since the distance to the bottom of the choc is short, it will bottom out, but I think that it is better to hit it like ours by stroking it sensuously.
(2-4th photo)
As a designer, we recommend the High type, which has more characteristics.

・ It will be for 46 keys

Low type (including thumb set)

The angle of the mortar is lower than that of the High type, so I think this is more suitable for those who want to bottom out properly.
(5-7th photo)

・ It will be for 46 keys

Thumb set

You can use 1U for all, or 1.25U only for the inside. (8th-10th photos)

・1.25Ux2 pieces

How to place the keycap

How to place the keycapPlease refer to and line up

Recommended keyboard



* Manufactured with a 3D printer and mechanically polished. The shape of the main body and the thickness of the stem may vary, so please purchase only if you understand this point.
* I have confirmed that it fits in the key switch, but there are some individuals that are a little tight. If you are worried about it, please file it very lightly.
* If the stem is too thick, we polish it. Please note that polishing marks may remain.