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Gravity Keycaps Choc

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This is a keycap for narrow pitch and exclusive use with Choc switches.
Designed with the assumption of creating a self-made keyboard kit like wings42.
(If the pitch and number of keys match, it can also be attached to other keyboards)

Due to an increase in manufacturing costs, prices have gone up. Thank you for your understanding.

Keycap Features

Designed with a pitch of 17mm vertical x 18mm horizontal in mind.
- In addition to the narrow pitch, the keycap itself is shaped like a mortar to further shorten the fingering distance.
・In order to keep the top surface wide despite the narrow pitch, the top and bottom of the center key are hollowed out so that you can press the keys smoothly without hitting them with your fingernails.
・Please see "The story of making Gravity Keycaps" for more details about the production process.

High type

It is suitable for gently striking the keys like stroking, with short finger distances.
The choc has a short distance to bottom, so it will hit the bottom, but I feel it will be better if you hit it like a sukeuchi.
As a designer, I recommend the High type that stands out more in terms of features.

It will be equivalent to 46 keys

Low type

The angle of the mortar is lower than the High type, so I think this is better for those who want to hit the bottom properly.

It will be equivalent to 46 keys

Keycap installation method

Please refer to the keycap placement method to arrange them.

Recommended Keyboard



You can protect the keycaps with beeswax wax.
Please refer to "Protect MJF keycaps with beeswax" .


It is manufactured using a 3D printer and mechanically polished. There may be variations in the shape of the main body or the thickness of the stem.

Regarding the color, the gray material is dyed black. Therefore, there may be uneven dyeing.

The legs of the keycap can break easily, so when removing the keycap, use a keycap puller to pull it out as vertically as possible.

Please purchase only if you agree to the above points.

If it does not fit into the key switch or is too loose to secure, please contact us using the inquiry form so we can replace it. (If out of stock, you may have to wait about 2 weeks)