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BLE Micro Pro (standalone)

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Due to limited stock, please purchase one set of Cons-Thru 13-pin 2.5mm 2-piece set for each BLE Micro Pro.

The BLE Micro Pro is a breakout board for the BL654 (nrf52840 module) designed with compatibility in mind with the Pro Micro. It is mainly designed for use in DIY keyboards. By attaching it to a DIY keyboard using the Pro Micro, you can make it compatible with both USB and Bluetooth Low Energy.

Please refer to the official website for instructions on how to use it.

The USB connector will be Type-C.
・Please check the compatibility status in the relevant keyboard build guide before using.
・If there is no specific specification in the build guide, we recommend matching it with a 13-pin con-through .

Please refer to each build guide for installation on our keyboard.