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"3D" keycap claw44 set Designed by zk_phi

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A typical keyboard arranges the keys on a flat surface, so you will have to press the keys in a somewhat forced manner. This keycap has a three-dimensional shape that makes hand placement and fingering easier.

For more information, please see ``3D'' keycap designer Zeroke's ``story about making 3D-shaped keycaps, or suggestions for making your own 3D keyboard.''

3D keycaps can be created using DMM.make's 3D printing service , but it takes time to create them and there is also the hassle of ordering them. We want to make it easy to purchase along with Claw44, so we are selling it with permission. (Since the creator is DMM.make, you will receive the same product even if you order there)

set content

full set
The key of claw44 will be filled up to 44 keys.
・Basic set 3 rows x 6 columns is equivalent to both hands (total of 36 keys)
・claw44's thumb: 1.25Ux1, 1Ux3 for both hands (total of 8 keys)

thumb set
・claw44's thumb: 1.25Ux1, 1Ux3 for both hands (total of 8 keys)

※The material and processing method will be MJF PA12GB Black polished.


3D keycaps are 3D printed and come in pieces. Please refer to "these steps" to rearrange them yourself and attach them to the keyboard.

About quality

We check for obvious damage and insert and remove a few samples from the switch to ensure that we don't sell anything that doesn't look right.
Due to the nature of 3D printing, some items may be difficult to fit in or easily fall out. Please understand in advance.


You can protect the keycaps with beeswax wax.
Please refer to "Protect MJF keycaps with beeswax" .


Regarding the selection of the switch:
The slope is a little steeper than a typical keycap, so it may be more noticeable if the switch has a lot of wobbling. We recommend using a switch with a less wobbling stem.

For inquiries about keycaps, please contact us using the inquiry form .
Please do not contact Zero K-san directly.