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We have started handling X Switch!

Daily Craft Keyboard will focus on Low Profile switches!

So, last time, we announced the mass introduction of Choc switches.
Choc switch increased to 16 types. Notice of large inventory addition & price reduction!

As the second bullet, "X SwitchWe will inform you of the start of sales.

If you try to make a low profile with your own keyboard, the Choc switch will come to your mind, but the X Switch is about 4.5mm thinner than the Choc switch.

Kit development

It's a very attractive switch, but there aren't many cases of adoption, probably because there is no domestic supply. I hope that this will be an opportunity to create a keyboard with a design that takes advantage of this thinness.

The footprint is shikamiya'skicad-footprint-kailh-pg1425-x-switchWill be helpful.

As a pioneer in our shop, the X Switch version of wings42 "wings42x", But I am using this footprint.


Since the keycap attachment method of X Switch is special, it is difficult to fit anything other than the genuine keycap. Also, since there is a trick to install it, this time we will provide it with the key switch and genuine keycap attached from the beginning.

Key switch

There are two types of X Switch, Tactile and Clicky, but only the Tactile version is sold. Personally, I think that tactile is much better, so I think it's enough.


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