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Soldering practice board "sandbox keyboard" for beginners is now on sale!

This is the story when I first assembled my own keyboard.

I was very reluctant to do "soldering". Like I did it once in a junior high school class ... I didn't do it ...

At that time, I had to order keyboard kits and parts from overseas and assemble them, and if I failed, I had to order the parts again for a few weeks. .. I was worried that I couldn't make a mistake, so I bought a board called a universal board with many holes and a part called a resistor in Akihabara.

Soldering itself hasn't happened in a long time, so I wanted to practice it and hope for it in production. This practice reduced the resistance to soldering somewhat. As a result, the first keyboard kit assembly was successful, but the shape of the universal board and the production parts were different, and it was a tense task that I had to do the first parts in production.

Once you get used to it, it doesn't matter, but the first work is apt to fail because you don't know what to do. In fact, when I assembled the keyboard kit for the first time, I sometimes heard that I broke the board because I didn't know how to solder it.

Even if you buy a keyboard kit that you think is this with all the tools, it is a waste to stop because of such a failure experience. I wanted to make a lot of mistakes in advance so that I could experiment so that I wouldn't fail in production as much as possible, so I made this board.

I don't know much about the actual soldering and assembly of parts, so"Sandbox keyboard manual"I tried to write it as carefully as possible so that even beginners can easily understand it. There are some videos, so please take a look.

If you want to use itHerePlease purchase "sandbox keyboard" and parts that are likely to be used with your favorite keyboard from, and try various things with a sense of play.

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