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About updating Remap

From RemapannouncementIt was compatible with the latest version of QMK!
thank you!

As mentioned in the above announcement, the following two URLs will be used during the transition period.

1. QMK latest version → https://remap-keys.app

2. QMK 0.18.17 version → https://qmk018.remap-keys.app

Our keyboards do not have firmware updated to the latest version yet, so please use URL 2 until the firmware is updated.
We will notify you again once the response has been completed.

Also, it seems that firmware created with an older version of QMK may not be usable even with URL 2, so we have prepared the 0.18.17 version of firmware.

If you cannot use it,


Please search for your keyboard and rewrite the firmware.

If you have any questions, pleaseInquiry formPlease contact us.

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