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Manufacturing quality and request of Gravity Keycaps

I wrote an article because I thought it would be better to have people know about the manufacturing quality of Gravity Keycaps. It's a bit long, but I would like it to be read by those who have already purchased it or are considering purchasing it.

To put it simply, GravityKeycaps are made by 3D printers and cannot offer the quality of commercial keycaps. If your keycap's feet are squishy or too tight, please contact support. We will respond by sending a substitute. It is not my intention to use it in a low quality condition, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could cooperate.

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From here, I will explain the manufacturing quality in more detail.

Most of the keycaps on the market are manufactured by injection molding, which is a stable and high-precision plastic.

Gravity Keycaps, on the other hand, are manufactured by ordering from a 3D printing factory.
It is made by a method called MJF that hardens powder, and the surface is rough.
It feels bad as it is, so I have the surface polished by a method called barrel polishing. Thanks to this polishing, I get a smooth feel and it feels very good to use.

However, this polishing affects the quality. This polishing does not always grind every part, but which part is sharpened and how much is sharpened from time to time. As a result, the keycap's legs may be scraped too much or not too much.

Normally, the variation is not a problem, but the standard shape of the legs adopted by Gravity Keycaps is thin and unstable to polish, so problems arise.

Even if you make one set, it is often not possible to use about 10 to 20%. (When you are unlucky, it may be scraped too much and you may not be able to use it completely, and this spirit will also be scraped ...)

However, this is not bad on the factory side. The cause is that they are forced to make something that violates the acceptance standards of the factory. Originally, the legs are too thin to be accepted.

Therefore, we bear the risk of making products that do not meet the sales standards. In order to check whether it meets the sales standard, I actually insert it in the switch once and check it. For example, I ordered 5 sets this time, but some of them cannot be used like this. (The above is NG) After all, one set is used as a complement to the other sets, so in reality only 4 sets can be sold.

This is a relatively good person, and in the old days, many of them had broken legs. Since I have ordered many times, I think that the person in charge is optimizing at the discretion of the person in charge. Normally, the polishing settings should be constant for mass processing, but I expect that they have adjusted to some extent. Thank you.

I thought it was embarrassing to talk about the inside story, but I wrote the article because I was worried that there might be people who are using it even though they are dissatisfied.

I have checked it, but I cannot eliminate the possibility of overlooking and shipping low quality products. Since this is the situation, please do not hesitate to contact us if you find something strange.

Many people like it and I want many people to use it, so we are working on improving modeling in parallel, but it is very difficult to balance and it is difficult. We would appreciate it if you could understand the current situation.

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