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Request for firmware update for our keyboard

About updating Remap As I mentioned earlier, Remap now supports the new version of QMK. There are many good things about QMK updates, but there are some parts that are not compatible with older versions. We have provided Remaps for older versions so that they can work with older QMKs, but this is done at the expense of the Remap team. If everyone updates, the burden will be reduced more quickly, so please help us.

Our keyboard has also been created with the latest QMK firmware, so please update it. We are working carefully, but there may be some mistakes, so it would be helpful if you could request a time when your work is less affected.

If you have any questions,Inquiry formPlease contact us from.

There are two points to note.

1. With this change, the handling of the internal rotary encoder has changed.
In older versions of Remap, the rotary encoder part cannot be edited.

2. Keys may be displayed incorrectly due to changes in some QMK key codes. (Example: Any below)

In this case, you will need to manually reset the settings, so we recommend that you save the Keymap and export the settings as a PDF before updating.

Please update the firmware from the link below.
Go to FLASH → FLASH and press the reset button twice to make it writable and display it in the list. (The notation name varies depending on the OS etc.)

It is OK if it becomes 100% as shown below.





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