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You can now experience AR with Claw44!

Even if I'm interested in my own keyboard, I don't have many chances to touch the real thing.

AR is a useful technology in such cases.
By matching the 3D model with the camera of the smartphone, you can display it on the camera as if there was something there.

Thanks to the connection, I was able to make a 3D model of my own keyboard Claw44!

Claw44 product pageYou can experience AR from.

By actually projecting a 3D model of Claw44 on your desk, you can check the size and finer details.

Even if you don't have a smartphone, you can play around with the 3D model from your PC browser.

Please try a new 3D experience.

(Since I used a black keycap, there are some parts that are a little difficult to see 😅)


I tried to make a video of what I am using on my smartphone.


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