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Choc switch increased to 16 types. Notice of large inventory addition & price reduction!

Daily Craft Keyboard will focus on Low Profile switches!

First, make it possible to purchase all types of Choc v1 switches, which are often used for low-profile homebrew keyboards.

The other day"PinkWas added, but this time a new ""Blue」、「Crystal RedWas added.

Choc switches tend to be relatively cheap for genuine Red, Brown, White, Red Pro, and Pink, but other types are custom made, have low distribution volumes, and tend to be expensive. ..

We have prepared such custom switches in detail, but we were able to reduce the price by adding more inventory this time.

A switch that cost more than a hundred and several tens of yen90 yenIt is suppressed to.

Only purple is out of stock, but I think we can add more here soon, so please be patient.

We have also made the product page easier to see, so please take a look.

Click here for details on the Choc switch.


Also, the classic "Choc v1 switch assortment set "and16 typesSo, please experience various Choc switches here.

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