We will ship within 5 days from Tokyo.

Various keyboard parts have been added! bat43v2 under development!

It's been a week since it opened, and the crowded shipments have just settled down.
Thank you for using it.

At BOOTH, which I used to sell, I couldn't sell anything other than creative works, so I had to purchase parts other than the keyboard separately.

There are no such restrictions at this shop, so I will also handle various parts so that you can purchase what you need for the keyboard together.

It is a little difficult to judge whether the parts purchased from mass sales sites are suitable for the keyboard, but please be assured that we are selling the ones that have been confirmed to work.

We would like to introduce the new products that have been on sale in the past week. 

This week's new product introduction

Three types of TRRS cables have been added.

It is a cable for connecting the left and right of the split cable, but since the distance between people differs depending on the person, we have prepared cables with different lengths. If you are worried that the cable will be slightly left over and become awkward, please find a cable with a length that suits you.

There are also colorful cables available, so use them to your liking.

TRRS cable 50cm

TRRS cable 15cm

TRRS cable 20cm


USB cable

It is a USB cable required to use a PC and keyboard.
Data communication is possible firmly, and cable performance is standard.


This week's progress

We haven't made much progress in the shop, but we have started the development of bat43v2!

Although the bat43 was highly complete, it was left unattended due to manufacturing problems. The problems around that have been resolved during the development process of wings42, so we will incorporate them.
I haven't considered the details yet, but I found the rotary encoder very useful, so I'm thinking of making it available.

I think it will take a little longer, but I hope you can wait.


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