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I tried to measure the force curve of 17 types of Choc switches with "Axis scale"

I am yfuku, the owner of Daily Craft Keyboard.

This article isKeyboard   #1 Advent Calendar 2022This is the article on the  16  day of.
On the 15  day, m.ki "When I made my own keyboard using a PCB within 10 cm, my favorite key layout changed."was.
It's nice to try to make things within certain constraints and discover new values from there. I can't get out of 6 rows on one side, so I'd like to try 5 rows.

Choc v1 switch

From the time I started using the Daily Craft Keyboard, I liked the narrow pitch of Choc and started using wings42 regularly. The best thing is that it can be compact.

Choc's standard switches (red, brown, white, Red Pro) were relatively easy to obtain, but Choc has switches with different weights and colors with various characteristics, so I handle these I thought I'd give it a try.

After some research, I found out that there are genuine Choc switches produced by Kailh, as well as custom products made by deciding on designs and specs with other companies.

The custom product that is new to my memory is「Sunset Tactile Switch」So, even Choc, which is often said to be lacking in tactile feel, is finished as a switch with a stronger feel. There are also Purpz from Boardsource and Jade, Navy from NovelKeys. I haven't researched it too deeply, but it seems to have a lot of history.

When you think about selling it, you have to write the specs properly. Basically, the data is provided by the supplier, but there are few that have data sheets, and there are some that have different numbers depending on the information of other sites that you try to refer to. Also, I watched Sunset Tactile specs change in the process of mass production, so it may be that old numbers remain due to such factors. There shouldn't be any problems because we're using values that are generally recognized, but I still wanted to make sure by actually measuring them.

The Impact of the “Axis Scale”

Meanwhile, the distribution started on the 6th day in the Advent Calendar articleRomlyIt is "Axle Scale" by Mr.
What is the force curve measuring machine "Axis Scale"? ? [Keyboard Advent Calendar 2022]

Romly measures the force curve of the switch himself and distributes the "Axis Book" series.
Axis Book 2 Mechanical Switch Data Book 2 - Romly Shop - BOOTH

A kit that allows you to do this at home is the "axis scale". this is! That's why I decided to purchase it at an early stage.

"Axis scale" also has a function to provide the web via wifi, and you can see the graph of the measured data from the browser. It's a very useful feature, so I'm going to post a screenshot here.

Choc v1 switch measurements

Measurement scene

At first, I used XSwitch, but some switches didn't respond well, so I switched to Choc.

On the base of the key switch, Mr. Nain's1k keyboardI'm using the case of. It's good to be stable.

What is a force curve?

Now let's look at the force curve of each switch. For the explanation of the force curve, I recommend the article on salicylic acid, which also uses the "axis scale", because it is very easy to understand.

Introducing the force curve measuring machine "Axle Scale"! 

So let's look at the measurement results in order.

There are errors and conditions of the "axis balance" and the switch itself, so it does not come out perfectly like the data sheet, but I think it has sufficient accuracy. 

common items

Choc v1 switches are common,
Total travel is 3.0+0/-0.5mm
Conduction travel (position of contact where switch turns ON) is 1.5±0.5mm
will be
(Please let me know if there are any exceptions)



First of all, from the lightest linear pink.
Pink is properlydata sheetThere is

Operation Force :20±5gf
There is.

Operation Force is the force when the switch turns ON, that is, when it comes to the Conduction travel position. Choc is around 1.5mm. This is the operating point part of the graph in the datasheet. Below is the operating pressure.

 Now let's take a look at the data measured by the axis scale.

When Travel is 1.5mm, it is 23.95gf. It's within range.
There are places where it is a little blurry, but please forgive me because it is data for one time.

Another point I want to check is the power at the time of bottoming out, which is also called bottom out. It hits the bottom on the right side of the graph and rises sharply. Looking at the graph, is it about 30 gf? The Choc switch has a short stroke of 3mm, so many people seem to hit the bottom, and I don't see many bottom-out values, so I think it will be helpful.


Operating pressure: 20gf

Couldn't find a datasheet for this.
It's the same feeling as Pink.


Operating pressure: 25gf

It seems that boardsource is made, so herepageI think that there is no doubt if you refer to. There doesn't seem to be a datasheet.

On the graph, it is not much different from Pink and Blue.

Red Pro

Operating pressure: 35gf

I couldn't find a data sheet for a major.

 The operating pressure is around 35 gf. Bottom out is about 40gf.

Crystal Red

Operating pressure: 35gf

It has the same operating pressure as the Red Pro.

Crystal Silver

Operating pressure: 40gf

Overall, it is heavier than the Red Pro. I personally like this weight.


Operating pressure: 50gf

This isdata sheetThere is


Sounds good.


Operating pressure: 60gf

It will gradually become heavier.

Dark Yellow

Operating pressure: 70gf

He's the heaviest of the linears. Bottom out went to near 90gf.

That's it for Linear.


Sunset Tactile 

Operating pressure: 40±10gf
Tactile force: 55±10gf

the information isofficial pagedescribed from

A new item called tactile force has been added.
The graph below shows the force at the peak of the peak in the first half of the red line.
The load has risen so far, and the power is coming out.

(The specifications have changed since the graph was created, and the values have changed.)

I was worried because the movement is more complicated than linear, but it captures the characteristics well.


Working pressure: 50±10gf
Tactile force: 60±10gf

data sheet

You can see that the drop is smaller than Sunset Tactile.

Burnt Orange

Working pressure: 60±10gf
Tactile force: 70±10gf

data sheet

Compared to the data sheet, the tactile has a slightly higher load in the latter half.
I'll look into it later.

That's it for Tactile.



Working pressure: 50±10gf
Tactile force: 60±10gf

data sheet


Operating pressure: 57gf
Tactile force: ?


Working pressure: 50±10gf
Tactile force: 60±10gf

Jade is a thicker version of White's click bar.
Even though the force specs are the same, the actual measurement shows that the tactile force has increased from 60 to 67 gf. It would be nice if the data came out properly.

Pale Blue

Working pressure: 60±10gf
Tactile force: 70±10gf

 data sheet


Working pressure: 60±10gf
Tactile force: 70±10gf

data sheet

Similar to Jade, this is a thicker version of the Pale Blue click bar.
It also seems that the tactile force is about 10gf stronger.



"Axis scale" is wonderful.
I have compared some datasheets, but I think you have captured the characteristics quite well. I generally measured with the default settings, but there are many setting items, so I would like to try various things to see if the accuracy improves.

It seems that it is still evolving, so I have high expectations for future products!
Twitter #axis scale

About Choc. This time, I tried to collect data sheets and information on the site as much as possible, but I thought that I should not take it with a grain of salt, because even on the official site, this is not correct.
In such a case, it is very reassuring to have a tool that can be easily measured.

I am collecting data that seems to be reliable as much as possible, but since I worked while my head was confused, it would be helpful if you could tell me if there are any mistakes.

Choc switches have various characteristics, so I think it would be interesting to try using them in various places depending on the intended use. 

Tomorrow is Mr. Gachiham.

I wrote this article with Claw44 and Gravity Keycaps MX.



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